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Sunday, November 27, 2005


Global CIO: Take everything IT does, then add exponential complexity.

Global CIOs.

"The demand is emanating from multinational businesses, as well as domestic companies looking to expand their worldwide reach. All want to see candidates who can develop a technology infrastructure that supports business initiatives on multiple continents with diverse cultures and very different business norms. They need individuals who can walk the fine line between developing an overarching technology strategy for the entire company with standard applications for worldwide use and respecting the variances that local business leaders need in order to operate effectively. And they need people who are adept at managing IT staffs whose members speak multiple languages, work in every time zone and follow their own cultural mores. All of this may or may not include dotted-line or full responsibility for country-based CIOs.

This story, "Global CIOs," first appeared in Computerworld (U.S.).
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